Universal Spool Ribbon #111

Reg: $13.34

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Our premium quality universal spool ribbon is American made! With Crush-Proof Boxes, Long Life nylon and Hi-Yield Design, this is the best choice when choosing ribbon.

Ribbons Per Case: 6

Important: Printer ribbons come in either 1-color (dark purple) or 2-color (black & red). Please check whether your printer uses a 1-color or 2-color ribbon before ordering.

Compatible with

  • Universal Calculator C-wind - Spooled nylon ribbon for printing calculators
  • Casio KP100, KP180, KP200 Kitchen Printer, PCR 308, PCR 408, PCR365A
  • Citizen Business Machines (CBM) 2500, 2600, 2800, DP505, DP535, DP555, DP560, DP575
  • JCM Gold 2100
  • Sanyo ERC175
  • Star Micronics DP8340, DP8340 RC, DP8340 RM, DP8340 Series
  • TEC MA 85, RKP200