Star Micronics SP-300/ MP-300 Ribbon #385

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Reg: $13.70 - $17.53
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1 $17.53$16.65
3 $13.82$13.13
5 $13.70$13.02

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This product is of the highest Quality manufactured right here in the USA . Complete with Crush-Proof Boxes! This ribbon has a Long Life Nylon and  Hi-Yield Design to ensure costumer satisfaction!

Ribbons Per Case: 6

Important: Printer ribbons come in either 1-color (dark purple) or 2-color (black & red). Please check whether your printer uses a 1-color or 2-color ribbon before ordering.

Compatible with:

  • Datamega DPN3110, DPN3120
  • IBM 4614, SUREONE
  • Konic Electr. System 1, System II, System III
  • Panasonic JS7500, JS8000, JS9000, McDONALD POS SYSTEM
  • Par MICROSystems MICRO-3
  • Posiflex 3000
  • Samsung ER350, ER550, ERP200, SMP200, SRP100, SRP200, SRP250
  • Star Micronics MP300, MP312F, MP317, MP321-S24, MP322-S24, MP323-S24, MP342, PM352S, MP382, SP300, SP311, SP312, SP316, SP317, SP320, SP321 SPROCKET PTR, SP322 SPROCKET PTR, SP323, SP341, SP342, SP347, SP348, SP349, UP389
  • TEC FDS300, RKP300, ST5500
  • And many more!